VITES is the right partner to provide you the advanced professional radio solution you are looking for. In RF and Wireless, experience is a non-replaceable item. With a management team and technical staff that both have many years of development and product marketing experience with wireless infrastructure products, we can assure you to deliver the highest performance and quality products and solutions.
Customizing our existing products and technology platforms, we can offer dedicated solutions for your specific use case or the applicative challenge that you are facing at an adequate price level. Even "green field" developments based on your specification may be possible; we can consult and also execute system engineering studies for you.

Public Safety & Disaster Control

On base of "vikomobil" we're offering taylor-made Wireless Broadband Communication solutions for Public Safety & Disaster Control organisations and applications.
The reference vehicle is available on request for technical demonstrations and rental, please call us for an appointment !

In case you consider the procurement of a "vikomobil", customized to the needs of your organisation, we are more than happy to provide a quotation !




VITES offers complete solutions for Ad-Hoc Networking appropriate for use in disaster management and for mission control of security authorities. Solutions combining our HiMoNN product line with the innovative KARlink SATCOM terminal (in development) will outperform competing solutions w.r.t. features, size, reliability, ease of use, flexibility and total cost of ownership. Read more concerning HiMoNN here.

VITES can provide you a customized solution for SATCOM-on-the-Move (SOTM) applications. Based on our KARsys technology and platforms we are developing flat SATCOM antenna panels with electronic beam steering as well as complete SATCOM terminals. Our technology enables solutions that do not require any moving mechanics. Only flat panel antennas enable true SOTM solutions that can be integrated into any kind of vehicle and that are barely - if at all -  visible. Apart from the obvious advantage of maintainig the connectivity to the satellite while driving, in security applications, an invisible antenna enables various use cases which are not possible when employing traditional parabolic antennas.
We can even provide you antennas or complete SATCOM terminal solutions which are adapted to your mechanical needs like e.g. matching the shape of your vehicle's body or aircraft's fuselage. So if you need to equip any vehicle in off-highway, agricultural, avionics, transportation, maritime, security or disaster management context, we can provide the right solution !
Also the frequency band can be chosen, currently there are platforms for the Ku and Ka band in development,  other bands can be realized as well.
The aspect of invisibility is extremely important also for the envisaged use in the automotive market: flat panels that are integrated into a car's roof do not destroy or disturb its exterior design which is a key decision criterion for buying.
But we are not only providing a hardware solution, we're also acting as a full service provider and can offer you the associated SAT connectivity / bandwidth services on top, using our access to the renowned IABG Teleport services. Even more, we can offer you a full service package that also considers very distinct requirements that you may have w.r.t. data security or similar.

Wireless transmission of broadband data like e.g. HD video is a challenge that different kinds of organisations have to deal with on a daily basis. In security applications and in the TV production of sports or cultural events, in industrial context as well as in mobile automation the requirements for the camera may be quite different but the challenge of the wireless transmission is always similar: a huge amount of data must be transmitted in real time without disturbances like interference and the range must be as large as possible. VITES offers customized solutions based on existing platforms appropriate for video transmission, e.g. from camera to transmission vehicle or to a mobile control room. Furthermore, our SATCOM-On-The-Move (SOTM) solutions enable long haul transmission e.g. to the master control room.

In the context of IoT, the aggregation of signals coming from multiple distributed sensors is a major challenge. An aggregation solution being able to either scan the related sensors with a steered beam or to connect to various sensors simultaneously using several beams is more efficient in terms of cost, spectrum usage and network management than conventional solutions. Similar to the industrial context, a KARsys  based solution can make the difference.