Detecting criminal offenses


Flat Panel SOTM-Terminals

Broadband Data Links

· ViSURV-200-A

· ViCube

· Observer

Broadband IP-Mesh-Products

· HiMoNN 4M

· HiMoNN 4MP

· HiMoNN 4R

· HiMoNN FuelCase

· HiMoNN BCase

Mobile Communication Nodes

· Vikomobil 2.0

Cellular- / Mobile Networks

· ViCell-Network

· ViCell-Heli


Encryption Technology



ViTOR-Detecting systems are highly sensitive detectors and signal processors for recognition and localisation of illegal GPS-Jammers, that are e.g. used by organised crime when moving stolen vehicles or containers abroad or by “black sheep” in the logistics industry. ViTOR supports the investigation process and enables to uncover offenses.