Broadband Data Links


Broadband Data Links


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Broadband Data Links

· ViSURV-200-A

· ViCube

· Observer

Broadband IP-Mesh-Products

· HiMoNN 4M

· HiMoNN 4MP

· HiMoNN 4R

· HiMoNN FuelCase

· HiMoNN BCase

Mobile Communication Nodes

· Vikomobil 2.0

Cellular- / Mobile Networks

· ViCell-Network

· ViCell-Heli

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OBSERVER is a Data- / Videolink-System, that enables quick and easy connectivity between vehicles in a mobile automation context, using a license free frequency band. Video- and other data streams can be distributed over an area of several square kilometers. On the receiver side, the data can be displayed or computed for further usage. An OBSERVER-network consists of one Master- and a practically unlimited number of Slave-Units. Each OBSERVER node comprises an active antenna unit with included magnetic mount for the vehicle roof and a cockpit unit that allows the connection of displays and other peripheral equipment.

The intelligent antenna technology integrated in an OBSERVER node enables a much higher range and significantly better link stability than competing solutions.

Technical Data OBSERVER

Operating Frequency

5.5 GHz – 5.7 GHz

Pivoting Range

Azimuth: 360°

Elevation: 45°