Vikomobil 2.0

Mobile Communications Nodes


Flat Panel SOTM-Terminals

Broadband Data Links

· ViSURV-200-A

· ViCube

· Observer

Broadband IP-Mesh-Products

· HiMoNN 4M

· HiMoNN 4MP

· HiMoNN 4R

· HiMoNN FuelCase

· HiMoNN BCase

Mobile Communication Nodes

· Vikomobil 2.0

Cellular- / Mobile Networks

· ViCell-Network

· ViCell-Heli

· ViCell-eSIM


Encryption Technology



Vikomobil 2.0 Reference Configuration

…will be customized according your requirements !


SATCOM-Terminal System for EUTELSAT

Economic SATCOM tarif models e.g. with flat rate, from partner IABG-Teleport

Self directing Ka-band antenna (nomadic)

Integrated SATCOM Modem

< 10 Mb/s Download

< 6 Mb/s Upload

Flexible rail system for mounting SATCOM-antenna

LTE-Cell & Connectivity

Integrated LTE-Cell infrastructure

  • eNodeB (frequency band according to customer requirements)
  • EPC (Enhanced Packet Core) Server & associated EPC-Software
  • Application server (option)

 LTE connectivity to public networks

  • Integrated LTE-Modem (in HiMoNN) with MIMO-antennas


VITES HiMoNN-4R (19“-rack version of HiMoNN)

2 * VITES HiMoNN BCase with integrated battery pack

MANET antennas on mast


Integrated in HiMoNN

GPS Antenna on roof

Antenna mast

GEROH 8m telescope mast (with crank handle)

Roll-up mechanics for cable harness, including basket

Mast plate e.g. for mounting antennas, video cameras & spotlights

Energy Supply

  • Methanol Fuel cell from SFC Energy: EFOY Pro 12000 Duo SET with 500 W
  • 2 Methanol cartridges with up to 28l each
  • For runtimes longer than 2..3 weeks, up to 4 methanol cartridges can be equipped

Charging electronics, power converters

  • Charger & inverters 24 V to DC 230 V AC / 1600 VA
  • DC/DC converter 12v / 24V

Battery Bank

  • Blei gel battery bank with a total capacity of 520Ah
  • Battery monitoring, balancer, breakers etc.

External Power 230V AC

  • Automatic switch of external 230V AC supply to battery power and vice versa

 IT- & Networking Equipment

19″ Rack-PC

  • Core i7-CPU
  • Seperate SSDs for OS and applications
  • NVIDIA-based high-end graphics

Video display 32″ Ultrawide

Control display 24″

16-Port GE-Switch

Video Equipment & Applications

  • Various IP-cameras for HD-Video (EFB, Basler, etc.)
  • Other cameras (e.g. with SDI-IF) on request
  • Video recording system (option)
  • Various video applications e.g. SML Video Orchestrator, Darvin, etc. (optional)
  • Command & control software (optional)

 Vikomobil 2.0 has its own website