Avionics connectivity

Internet-Connectivity with ESA-FPA


Nowadays, SOTM-Systems are standard equipment in commercial aviation, in order to provide passengers with Internet access via the cabin WLAN networks. However, the SOTM terminals currently used in aviation are based on mechanical or hybrid 2- or 3-axes tracking systems with a relatively large construction height. They are typically situated on the back of the fuselage as a box shaped backpack. 
They are extremely expensive and – due to their shape and height- they can cause aerodynamic problems in the form of negative pressure which subsequently results in mechanical stress to the aircraft fuselage. Furthermore, they also have strongly negative impact on the aircraft’s kerosene consumption. All the mentioned factors lead to a significant increase of the aircrafts‘ OPEX that airlines have to bear.
A solution for these issues are flat antenna panels (ESA-FPA) that follow the shape of the aircraft fuselage and support electronic beam steering, so that the link to the satellite is never lost.
VITES is developing electronically steerable flat panel (ESA-FPA) SOTM-Terminals on base of Phased-Array-Technology for various applications including Avionics.
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Broadband Data Links for Mission-Aircraft

VITES is developing Broadband Data Link systems whose antennas can be integrated invisibly in the secondary structures of the aircraft and that are achieving improved robustness against disturbances. Furthermore, our Data Links offer a larger range than traditional systems through electronic beam steering.
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Helicopter antenna for connectivity to cellular networks

Radio Base Stations of mobile communications / cellular networks are typically not optimized for connectivity with airplanes, due to their antenna beam characteristic being oriented slightly towards the ground. Nevertheless, police helicopters are increasingly using mobile communications technology for transmission of high-resolution video and as a medium for quick data access. Sector antennas suitable for aerospace, installed on the helicopter in combination with intelligent router technology can drastically increase the data throughput as well as improve the network availability and connection stability.
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