Optimized Situational Awareness

Security & Defense


For guaranteeing Broadband Data Communication also in rural regions without infrastructure, satellite communication is irreplaceable. The possibility to communicate during movement, e.g. with land based or nautic vehicles or aircrafts, brings enormous advantages concerning the situation awareness in command & control centres as well as for the coordination of forces and their self-protection.
VITES is developing electronically steerable flat panel (ESA-FPA) SOTM-Terminals on base of Phased-Array-Technology for usage on land based vehicles, for maritime applications and in a second step also for Avionics.
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Broadband Data Links for Mission-Aircraft

VITES is developing Broadband Data Link systems whose antennas can be integrated invisibly in the secondary structures of the aircraft and that are achieving improved robustness against disturbances. Furthermore, our Data Links offer a larger range than traditional systems through electronic beam steering.
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Cellular Communication Networks

In the meantime, mobile (or better nomadic) broadband cellular wireless networks on the basis of LTE-/5G in combination with IP-Mesh-Technology are also being deployed in defense applications, e.g. for interlinking between military camps and convoys or for connecting vehicles with infantry forces around them.
High-resolution situational images, real time mission videos, blue force tracking or database query as well as access to command & control systems play an increasingly important role in command support context. Such operations require robust and broadband communication solutions for command and control tasks.
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Encryption Technology

Encryption of network connections is getting more and more important, in particular for the public sector. We are offering encryption systems that allow the safeguarding of communication e.g. between different locations of companies or organisations, computing- and data centers, telecommunication systems and wireless connections. Layer 2 and layer 3 network connections with transfer rates up to 100Gb/s can be encoded reliably and with an extremely with low latency. The systems are authorized by the German BSI for transferring classified documents up to VS-NfD (Restreint UE).
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