Flat Panel SOTM-Terminals


Flat Panel SOTM-Terminals

Broadband Data Links

· ViSURV-200-A

· ViCube

· Observer

Broadband IP-Mesh-Products

· HiMoNN 4M

· HiMoNN 4MP

· HiMoNN 4R

· HiMoNN FuelCase

· HiMoNN BCase

Mobile Communications Nodes

· Vikomobil 2.0

Cellular- / Mobile Networks

· ViCell-Network

· ViCell-Heli

· ViCell-eSIM

Encryption Technology



The ViSAT-Terminal-Platform represents an „Electronically Steerable Flat Panel Antenna“ (ESA-FPA) for SATCOM-on-the-Move Applications. If offers broadband connectivity in the Ku-Band (see below) to GEO-, and GEO-HTS Satellites as well as MEO- and LEO-Constellations. Using innovative Phased-Array-Technology for fully electronic beam steering, it builts very flat. Therefore it is inobtrusive as well as aerodynamically very efficient and thus appropriate for use on land based vehicles, ships and aircraft. Using dedicated mounting kits, ViSAT is adaptable to the requirements of each vehicle class. Furthermore it can be adapted to specific customer requirements on request. When used a original equipment for a vehicle, optimized mounting solutions are developed together with the customer on base of the modular ViSAT concept. By design, installation in fuselage pockets of an aircraft is given by the scalability of the platform. ViSAT is equipped with a standard modem interface and therefore it is as well modem as Service Provider agnostic, i.e. in principle any modem can be operated together with ViSOT. As an option for future modems, a digital interface is available.

Technical Data ViSAT-Ku

Operating Frequency Range & Bandwidth

Receive (RX): 10.70 GHz – 12.75 GHz with 250 MHz Bandwidth

Transmit (TX): 13,75 GHz – 14.5 GHz with 35 MHz Bandwidth


Dual-circular and linear, independently selectable in RX/TX

Modem Interface

Data Interface: L-Band (Digital I/F optional)

Control Interface: OpenAMIP (Ethernet)