Commercial applications of SATCOM-on-the-Move (SOTM) are strongly driven by the idea of „online-everywhere-anytime“, which already has been reality for quite some time in well developed industrial countries and the metropolitan areas worldwide. At the same time, the global omnipresence of smartphones created the desire of being „online“ everywhere, even while travelling,  independently of the means of transport. However, in airplanes, on open sea or in rural regions of large countries, connectivity will have to rely on SOTM.

SOTM-applications are also getting more importance in the defense sector: in land mobile, maritime or avionic applications, satellite communication provides broadband data communication for an improved situational awareness in command & control centers as well as for the coordination of forces and their self-protection.

 At VITES, we develop electronically steered flat panel antennas (ESA-FPA) on base of phased-array-technology for use on land based and maritime vehicles. Flying equipment will be supported in the second step.

 VITES‘ modular and scalable SOTM-platform can be used for the connectivity to LEO-, MEO- and GEO-(HTS)-satellites. We customize our SOTM-Terminals according application segment and customer requirements.


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