Secure Navigation

Up to recently, civil navigation was limited to the open signals of the global satellite navigation systems (GNSS with GPS, Galileo, Glonass and Beidou). However they are not protected against disturbance like jamming and spoofing.
Furthermore, GNSS-signals might be switched off in crisis scenarios and the military variant of GPS is not available fo non-military organisations.

The so-called Public Regulated Service of Galileo (Galileo-PRS) offers an encrypted navigation signal whose use is limited to European governmental authorities.
The encrypted Galileo-PRS signal has comparable security features as the military GPS and thus is much more robust against disturbance than the GNSS signals open to public.

By integrating a PRS-Module into HiMoNN, VITES can offer a secure navigation solution  (see HiMoNN-4MP)