Next Generation Maritime Connectivity

Satcom-on-the-Move & Data Links


SOTM-Systems with mechanically steered parabolic antennas hidden under huge radomes, have been a common sight of yachts and commercial ships for many years. Using VITES’ ESA-FPA SOTM terminals, such radomes are history. This does not only give a much better look to the boats, but it also improves aerodynamics and reduces the wind noise when driving fast or under stormy conditions. Furthermore, VITES technology allows a faster as well as more accurate tracking and thus a better compensation of the boat’s movements.
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Broadband Data Links for interlinking with ship’s boat

VITES develops Broadband Data Links appropriate for maritime applications, like e.g. for interconnecting mother ships with e.g. landing crafts, barges etc.
Using electronical beam steering, the VITES systems offer improved robustness against disturbances and a wider range than traditional systems.
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