Encryption Technology


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Encryption Technology



atmedia Ethernet Encryption Units

The atmedia Encryption units are safeguarding any layer-2 and layer-3 network connection reliably, with close to zero latency and without any quality loss. The state-of-the-art encryption systems are applicable to a broad range of encryption scenarios: from point-to-point links to complex and large multipoint MPLS, VPLS or Metro Ethernet networks as well as to storage networks .

Dedicated FPGA-based hardware has been developed in order to enable encryption with negligible latency. All system modules are developed and manufactured in Germany. A main feature is the encryption in combination with secure integrity protection for transmitted user data and network
information (Ethernet and IP header). This protects the customer network against active and passive attacks since it realises a „perfect firewall“.

atmedia encryption systems are very well established in the market and are being used by operators of critical infrastructure as well as by governmental organisations, public administration and by industrial companies with increased protection requirements.

Compact unit with 10M/100M throughput (RJ45-Interfaces)
(see picture above)

19″-Unit with 100M/1G throughput (RJ45-Interfaces)

19″-Unit with 100M/1G throughput (SFP-Interfaces)

19″-unit with 100M/1G/10G throughput (SFP/SFP+ -Interfaces)

19″-Unit with 4*1G/4*10G throughput (SFP/SFP+ -Interfaces)

19″-Unit with 10G/40G throughput (QSFP+ -Interfaces)

19″-Unit with 100G throughput (QSFP28 Interfaces)
(see picture below)