Backhaul-Radio for TETRA-BTS

Securing mission critical voice communication

In Germany and some other countries, mobile TETRA-BTS (Radio Base Stations) are used when the installed infrastructure has outages, like e.g. through extreme weather conditions or other large scale disasters. These mobile BTS are typically connected to the operational infrastructure via SATCOM or terrestrial radio links. 

SATCOM however, has the disadvantage of relatively high latencies which can be very disturbing for voice communication and is very demanding for the mission forces in stressful situations.

Classical terrestrial point-to-point radio systems that are using strongly focussed beams require quite some effort and time for setup and are therefore realistically barely appropriate for ad-hoc situations. 

A solution, which has already been field proven by their use in some states, are our IP-Mesh routers. They allow the setup of a ca. 15 km point-to-point link within a few minutes. The pre-configured routers just have to be connected to a sector antenna with approx. 20° opening angle, which is directed towards the remote station e.g. using a samrtphone compass. The link is established automatically and provide the backhaul connection for the TETRA Base Station. In case of IP-enabled TETRA-BTS, there is no additional eqipment needed. Only when using BTS with classical E1-Interfaces, a low cost Pseudo Wire Gateway („IP-MUX“) is required per side.

Read more about our IP-Mesh products here.

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