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Broadband Data Links


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Broadband Data Links

· ViSURV-200-A

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· Vikomobil 2.0

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ViSURV-200A Ground Station

ViSURV-200A Airborne Unit

ViSURV-200A is a terrestrial broadband Long Range Data Link for Mission-Aircraft and other security applications. It consists of an Airborne-System and a Ground Station.

The core element of the Ground Station is a flat active beam steering antenna panel, based on phased array technology. Typically, it is part of a mobile platform like e.g. a mission truck or communications trailer. Mounted on a telescope mast, the radio beam will automatically track the mission aircraft and thus allow a broadband data transmission without interruption. The typical range of such a transmission is 200 km.

The data link airborne system consists of up to six active multi element antenna units and a controller. The antenna units can be integrated conformally into the secondary structure of the aircraft fuselage. Using an intelligent control and tracking algorithm, the beam angle is directed automatically towards the ground station at any instant.

Advantages of ViSURV:

  • Directed radio beam, hard to detect
  • Highly robust against disturbance like e.g. jamming and interception
  • Minimization of interference (space & frequency)
  • High range through focussed beam
  • Better Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) and thus use of high-order modulation for higher throughput (Bits/s/Hz)
  • Inconspicuous, airborne antennas can’t be recognized as such
  • Aerodynamically efficient, reduction of fuel usage compared to parabolic solutions
  • No moving parts, maintenance free system

Tecnical Data ViSURV-200A

Operating Frequency Range


4.80 GHz – 5.25 GHz

4.40 GHz – 4.80 GHz (optional)

Pivoting Range Airborne Panels

Azimuth: 360°

Elevation: 140° per panel


200 km (LOS, typical)