High availability broadband networks

Mobile LTE-Cells & IP-Mesh Networks

VITES offers a broad range of innovative solutions in the area of security, public safety, civil protection and disaster management.

Mobile broadband networks

We are offering mobile (nomadic) broadband network equipment on base of LTE-/5G Cellular- and IP-Mesh-Technology. With the help of such networks, security and public safety organisations can economically and efficiently handle their data communication in any kind of mission, no matter if it is a large-scale security- or disaster control operation.
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Drone Connectivity

Using our IP-Mesh-Routers as gateways, video streams generated by standard commercial drones can be transmitted directly to command and control centers for better situational awareness there. Furthermore, we are offering compact and low-weight IP-Mesh modules for professional drones that enable a much higher transmission range. The latter integrate directly into the IP-Mesh network.
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Encryption Technology

Encryption of network connections is getting more and more important, in particular for the public sector. We are offering encryption systems that allow the safeguarding of communication e.g. between different locations of companies or organisations, computing- and data centers, telecommunication systems and wireless connections. Layer 2 and layer 3 network connections with transfer rates up to 100Gb/s can be encoded reliably and with an extremely with low latency. The systems are authorized by the German BSI for transferring classified documents up to VS-NfD (Restreint UE).
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Helicopter antenna for connectivity to cellular networks

Radio Base Stations of mobile communications / cellular networks are typically not optimized for connectivity with airplanes, due to their antenna beam characteristic being oriented slightly towards the ground. Nevertheless, police helicopters are increasingly using mobile communications technology for transmission of high-resolution video and as a medium for quick data access. Sector antennas suitable for aerospace, installed on the helicopter in combination with intelligent router technology can drastically increase the data throughput as well as improve the network availability and connection stability.
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Broadband Data links for Mission-Aircraft

VITES is developing Broadband Data Link systems whose antennas can be integrated invisibly in the secondary structures of the aircraft and that are achieving improved robustness against disturbances. Furthermore, our Data Links offer a wider range through electronic beam steering.
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